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Ntracellular domain of the AT1 receptors which may also mask the epitopes [177]. An additional post-translational modification is proteolytic cleavage of the receptor into smaller fragments following internalization. Cook et al. [178] demonstrated formation of a 54 amino acid carboxy terminal fragment of the rat AT1a receptor that translocated to the nucleus and induced apoptosis in a variety of c
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Rticles were able to exert lytic activity and to produce IFN-Rticles were able to exert lytic activity and to produce IFN- The E2-BS1 fusion peptide showed good antigenic results; a moderate neutralizing antibody response was found against two HIV-1 clade B and one clade C primary isolates Env(V3)-E2 induced potent binding Ab and T-cell responses in mice, as well as autologous NAbs in rabbit
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What is an integrated talent management?Integrated talent management (ITM) refers to the management of traditional HR sub- functions (recruitment and selection, workforce planning, performance management, learning and development, reward and recognition and succession planning) in an integrated fashion to strategically leverage talent. An integrated talent management strategy must be aligned with
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Ck squares at the end of the branches represent the nef sequences sampled from Cameroon in this study, while red squares represent intragene recombinant fragments in our samples. Abbreviations HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus; CRF: Circulating recombinant form; URF: Unique recombinant form; RNA: Ribonucleic acid; PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction. Competing interests The authors declare that they ha
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